Research and Markets: UK Consumer Satisfaction Index 2012 DIY & Gardening

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3. Rankings

Companies Mentioned

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3.9 Rankings with regard to ambience - DIY & Gardening

3.1 General ranking - DIY & Gardening

1.3 Wilkinson rides improvements within value and also high quality to become able to claim top spot

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and also Markets ( has announced incorporating your "UK Consumer satisfaction Index 2012 DIY & Gardening" report to their offering.

1.2 Summary associated with findings - DIY & Gardening

- Identifies the greatest CSI winners and also losers inside DIY & gardening this year, highlighting these in which pose the particular greatest threat to your business

1. Executive Summary

3.2 Winners since a yr ago - DIY & Gardening

3.7 Rankings with regard to top quality - DIY & Gardening

3.10 Rankings with regard to facilities - DIY & Gardening


3.3 Losers since last year - DIY & Gardening

In an intensely competitive market, suppliers must comprehend the means they satisfy shoppers so as to boost their appeal, while an insight straight into what drives client satisfaction from competitors can be necessary to entice new shoppers.

3.8 Rankings regarding services - DIY & Gardening


- Measure as well as rank your speed in customer happiness in the sector and assess how this has changed using 6 many many years of history (2007-2012)

- Consists Of ratings regarding price, range, quality, service, convenience, ambience, layout along with facilities. Use these to understand strengths and weaknesses

1.1 about CSI

Key Subject Areas Covered:

3.6 Rankings with regard to convenience - DIY & Gardening


3.4 Rankings pertaining to range - DIY & Gardening

2. Synopsis as well as Comparatives

2.1 DIY & Gardening

3.11 Rankings regarding layout - DIY & Gardening


3.5 Rankings regarding value - DIY & Gardening

1.5 Declines within range as well as price push Wickes down to third

1.4 Marginal gains aid B&Q retain second however emphasis in team sourcing can help protect weaknesses

1.6 Falls inside range and convenience highlight a new disappointing performance for Homebase

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